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Military Layermap

This map shows the location of every known Roman military encampment in the British Isles. It displays in a graphic format a selection of the information tabulated in the Ordnance Survey Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain (1994), and a number of other sites identified from literature both classical and modern.

Pinnata Castra/Inchtuthill, Tayside (NO1239)
Usk, Gwent
Colchester, Essex
Chester, Cheshire
York, N. Yorks.
Gloucester, Glos.
Exeter, Devon
Caerleon, Gwent
Lincoln, Lincs.
Wroxeter, Salop
Horrea Classis/Carpow, Fife (NO2017)
Beaufort Red House, Northumberland (NY9765)
Clyro, Powys
Lake Farm, Dorset
Leighton, Salop
Longthorpe, Cambs.
Newton on Trent, Lincs.
Osmanthorpe, Notts.
Rhyn Park, Salop
Rossington, S. Yorks.
Mancetter, Warw.
Kinvaston, Staffs.
Please note that although all marching camps shown on this map in England and Wales are "clickable"; the majority of the camps in Scotland are not. These are being written now.
Bellie, Grampian (NJ3561)
Auchinhove, Grampian (NJ4551)
Muiryfold, Grampian (NJ4852)
Burnfield, Grampian (NJ5447)
Ythan Wells, Glenmailen, Grampian (NJ6538) 2 camps
Durno, Grampian (NJ6927)
Kintore, Grampian (NJ7816)
Malling, Central (NN5600)
Bochastle, Central (NN6107)
Dunblane, Central (NN7700) 2 camps
Dalginross, Tayside (NN7720) 2 camps
Ardoch, Tayside (NN8309) 5 camps
Dornock, Tayside (NN8719)
Strageath, Tayside (NN8918)
Innerpeffray, Tayside (NN9118) 2 camps
Gask House, Tayside (NN9919)
Dunning, Tayside (NO0215)
Forteviot, Tayside (NO0317)
Easter Powside, Tayside (NO0524)
Scone Park, Tayside (NO1027)
Grassy Walls, Tayside (NO1028)
Steeds Stalls, Tayside (NO1124)
Inchtuthill, Tayside (NO1239) 3 camps
Carey, Abernethy, Tayside (NO1716)
Carpow, Tayside (NO2017) 2 camps
St Madoes, Tayside (NO2019)
Lintrose, Tayside (NO2237)
Auchtermuchty, Fife (NO2411)
Longforgan, Tayside (NO2930)
Cardean, Tayside (NO2946)
Invergowrie, Tayside (NO3430)
Edenwood, Fife (NO3511)
Eassie, Tayside (NO3546)
Inverquharity, Tayside (NO4058)
Gagie, Tayside (NO4438)
Oathlaw, Tayside (NO4555)
Lunanhead, Tayside (NO4752)
Kirkbuddo, Tayside (NO4944)
Finavon, Tayside (NO4957)
Marcus, Tayside (NO5158)
Bonnytown, Fife (NO5412)
Kinnell, Tayside (NO6150)
Keithock, Tayside (NO6163)
Stracathro, Tayside (NO6165)
Balmakewan, Grampian (NO6666)
Dun, Tayside (NO6859)
Kair House, Grampian (NO7676)
Normandykes, Grampian (NO8299)
Raedykes, Grampian (NO8490)
Malling, Menteith, Central (NS5699)
Summerston, Strathclyde (NS5772)
Buchley, Strathclyde (NS5872)
Easter Cadder, Strathclyde (NS6473)
Cauldcoats, Strathclyde (NS6941)
Twechar, Strathclyde (NS6975)
Bar Hill, Strathclyde (NS7075)
Dullatur, Strathclyde (NS7476) 2 camps
Ochtertyre, Central (NS7498)
Craigarnhall, Central (NS7598)
Tollpark, Strathclyde (NS7777)
Garnhall, Strathclyde (NS7877) 2 camps
Dalnair, Central (NS8179)
Milnquarter, Central (NS8279)
Dunipace, Central (NS8482)
Tamfourhill, Central (NS8579)
Camelon, Central (NS8580) 10 camps
Durisdeer, Dumfries & Galloway (NS8903) 2 camps
Claghorn, Strathclyde (NS9146) 2 camps
Castledykes, Strathclyde (NS9244) 4 camps
Cold Chapel, Strathclyde (NS9324)
Wandel, Strathclyde (NS9426)
Carstairs Mains, Strathclyde (NS9444)
Little Kerse, Central (NS9478)
Polmonthill, Central (NS9478)
Crawford, Strathclyde (NS9520) 3 camps
Inveravon, Central (NS9679) 3 camps
Lamington, Strathclyde (NS9730)
Bankhead, Strathclyde (NS9844) 2 camps
Little Clyde, Strathclyde (NS9915)
Kinglass Park, Bo'ness, Central (NT0080)
Muirhouses, Bo'ness, Central (NT0180)
Cornhill, Strathclyde (NT0235)
Beattock, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0802) 4 camps
Tassiesholm, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0901) 2 camps
Kirkhouse, Strathclyde (NT0946)
Castlecraig, Borders (NT1244) 2 camps
Kaimhouse, Borders (NT1649)
Carlops, Lothian (NT1757)
Gogar Green, Lothian (NT1771)
Millburn Tower, Lothian (NT1771)
Lyne, Borders (NT2040) 2 camps
Glencorse Mains, Lothian (NT2362)
Eshiels, Borders (NT2839) 2 camps
Innerleithen, Borders (NT3236)
Eskbank, Lothian (NT3266)
Lugton, Lothian (NT3267)
Dalkeith, Lothian (NT3469)
Inveresk, Lothian (NT3471) 2 camps
Woodhead, Lothian (NT3863)
Pathhead, Lothian (NT3963) 3 camps
Oakwood, Borders (NT4225)
Fala, Lothian (NT4362)
Channelkirk, Borders (NT4854) 2 camps
Milrighall, Borders (NT5326)
Cavers, Borders (NT5416)
Denholm, Borders (NT5417)
St Leonards, Borders (NT5445)
Kedslie, Borders (NT5540)
Blainslie, Borders (NT5544)
Newstead, Borders (NT5734) 8 camps
Drygrange, Borders (NT5735)
St Boswells, Borders (NT6031) 2 camps
Maxton, Borders (NT6130)
Cappuck, Borders (NT6920) 5 camps
Wooden, Borders (NT7433)
Pennymuir, Borders (NT7513) 3 camps
Chew Green, Northumberland (NT7808) 2 camps
Carham, Northumberland (NT8037)
Featherwood, Northumberland (NT8105) 2 camps
East Learmouth, Northumberland (NT8637)
Norham, Northumberland (NT8945)
North Yardhope, Northumberland (NT9000)
Glenluce, Dumfries & Galloway (NX1956)
Girvan Mains, Strathclyde (NX1999) 2 camps
Glenlochar, Dumfries & Galloway (NX7364) 6 camps
Drumlanrig, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8598)
Waterside Mains, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8696)
Carronbridge, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8697)
Shawhead, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8776) 2 camps
Fourmerkland, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9180) 2 camps
Ellisland, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9284)
Dalswinton, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9383) 3 camps
Gallaberry, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9682)
Amisfield, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9984)
Ward Law, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0266)
Trailflat, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0485)
Lochmaben, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0982)
Hangingshaw, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0989)
Ruthwell, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1067)
Torwood, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1281)
Annanfoot, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1865)
Annan Hill, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1965)
Middlebie, Dumfries & Galloway (NY2076) 2 camps
Birrens, Dumfries & Galloway (NY2174) 4 camps
Brackenrigg, Cumbria (NY2361) 2 camps
Knockross, Cumbria (NY2362)
Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries & Galloway (NY2870) 2 camps
Beaumont, Cumbria (NY3459)
Grinsdale, Cumbria (NY3657) 4 camps
Troutbeck, Cumbria (NY3827) 3 camps
Gilnockie, Dumfries & Galloway (NY3879)
Carleton, Cumbria (NY4451)
Barrockside, Cumbria (NY4547)
Moss Side, Cumbria (NY4560) 2 camps
Watchclose, Cumbria (NY4760)
Knowe Farm, Old Penrith, Cumbria (NY4938) 2 camps
Plumpton Head, Cumbria (NY5035)
Brougham, Cumbria (NY5429)
Kirkby Thore, Cumbria (NY6225) 2 camps
Willowford, Cumbria (NY6266)
Crooks, Northumberland (NY6365)
Chapel Rigg, Northumberland (NY6465)
Crackenthorpe, Cumbria (NY6523)
Glenwhelt Leazes, Northumberland (NY6565)
Fell End, Northumberland (NY6865)
Haltwhistle, Northumberland (NY6965) 2 camps
Haltwhistle, Northumberland (NY7065) 2 camps
Great Chesters, Northumberland (NY7066)
Markham Cottage, Northumberland (NY7066) 2 camps
Chesters Pike, Northumberland (NY7067)
Cawfields, Northumberland (NY7166)
Haltwhistle, Northumberland (NY7166) 3 camps
Milestone House, Northumberland (NY7266)
Warcop, Cumbria (NY7416)
Seatsides, Northumberland (NY7566) 5 camps
Greenlee Lough, Northumberland (NY7769)
Grindon School, Northumberland (NY8169)
Coesike, Northumberland (NY8170) 2 camps
Grindon Common, Northumberland (NY8267)
High Rochester, Northumberland (NY8299) 6 camps
Brown Dikes, Northumberland (NY8370)
Bagraw, Northumberland (NY8496)
Dargues, Northumberland (NY8693)
Limestone Corner, Northumberland (NY8771)
Walwick Fell, Northumberland (NY8871)
West Woodburn, Northumberland (NY8987)
Rey Cross, Durham (NY9012)
Swine Hill, Fourlaws, Northumberland (NY9082)
Bowes Moor, Durham (NY9212)
Farnlay, Northumberland (NY9963) 3 camps
Sandforth Moor, Durham (NZ2021)
Abertanat, Powys
Alverdiscott, Devon
Ancaster, Lincolnshire
Arhosfar Garreg, Dyfed
Attingham Park, Shropshire
Beulah, Powys
Blaen-cwm Bach, West Glamorgan
Brampton Bryan, Hereford & Worcester
Bromfield, Shropshire
Brompton, Shropshire
Buckton Park, Hereford & Worcester
Burlington, Shropshire
Calverton, Nottinghamshire
Carn Caca, West Glamorgan
Catterick Bridge, North Yorkshire
Cawthorn, North Yorkshire
Clyro, Powys
Coelbren, West Glamorgan
Cound, Shropshire
Craven Arms, Shropshire
Derwydd-bach Farm, Gwynedd
Esgairperfedd, Powys
Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire
Glanmiheli, Powys
Gleadthorpe, Nottinghamshire
Greensforge, Staffordshire
Holme, Nottinghamshire
Leighton, Shropshire
Llanfor, Gwynedd
Malham, North Yorkshire
Newton on Trent, Lincolnshire
North Tawton, Devon
Norton, Shropshire
Pen y Coedcae, Mid Glamorgan
Pen y Gwrhyd, Gwynedd
Penrhos, Clwyd
Saham Toney, Norfolk
Shurnock, Hereford & Worcester
St Harmon, Powys
Stretford Bridge, Shropshire
Trefal, Powys
Twyn y Briddallt, Mid Glamorgan
Uffington, Shropshire
Upper Affcot, Shropshire
Walford, Hereford & Worcester
Wall, Staffordshire
Walton, Powys
Water Eaton, Staffordshire
Wath, North Yorkshire
Whittington, Shropshire
Y Pigwn, Dyfed/Powys
Ystradfellte, Powys
Horstead, Norfolk
Bootham Stray, North Yorkshire
Quatt, Shropshire
Swindon, Staffordshire
Pant-teg Uchaf, Dyfed
Stuston, Suffolk
ALL of these Roman auxiliary forts should be "clickable". If you find one that isn't, please let me know. MailTo:
Roall Manor Farm, North Yorkshire - Fort (SE5625)
Menteith, Malling, Central (NN5600)
Bochastle, Central (NN6107)
Doune, Central (NN7201)
Dalginross, Tayside (NN7721)
Ardoch/Alauna Veniconum, Tayside (NN8309)
Strageath, Tayside (NN8918)
Fendoch, Tayside (NN9128)
Bertha, Tayside (NO0926)
Cargill, Tayside (NO1637)
Cardean, Tayside (NO2846)
Stracathro, Tayside (NO6165)
Barochan Hill, Strathclyde (NS4169)
Bishopton, Strathclyde (NS4172)
Old Kilpatrick, Strathclyde (NS4673?)
Drumquhassle, Central (NS4887)
Duntocher, Strathclyde (NS4972)
Castle Hill, Strathclyde (NS5272)
Bearsden, Strathclyde (NS5472)
Balmuildy, Strathclyde (NS5871)
Loudoun Hill, Strathclyde (NS6037)
Cadder, Strathclyde (NS6172)
Kirkintilloch, Strathclyde (NS6574)
Auchendavy, Strathclyde (NS6674)
Bar Hill, Strathclyde (NS7075)
Bothwellhaugh, Strathclyde (NS7357)
Croy Hill, Strathclyde (NS7376)
Westerwood, Strathclyde (NS7677)
Castlecary, Central (NS7978)
Rough Castle, Central (NS8479)
Camelon, Central (NS8680)
Falkirk, Central (NS8879)
Mumrills, Central (NS9179)
Castledykes, Strathclyde (NS9244)
Crawford, Strathclyde (NS9521)
Carriden/Veluniate Central (NT0280)
Tassiesholm, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0901)
Lyne, Borders (NT1840)
Easter Happrew, Borders (NT1940)
Cramond, Lothian (NT1976)
Elginhaugh, Lothian (NT3267)
Inveresk, Lothian (NT3472)
Oakwood, Borders (NT4224)
Newstead/Trimontium, Borders (NT5734)
Cappuck, Borders (NT6921)
Chew Green, Northumberland (NT7808)
Alauna/Learchild, Northumberland (NU1011)
Glenlochar, Dumfries & Galloway (NX7364)
Drumlanrig, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8598)
Dalswinton Bankfoot, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9384)
Dalswinton Bankhead, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9384)
Carzield, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9681)
Gabrosentum/Moresby, Cumbria (NX9821)
Magis/Burrow Walls, Cumbria (NY0030)
Alauna/Maryport, Cumbria (NY0337)
Bibra/Beckfoot, Cumbria (NY0848)
Derventio/Papcastle, Cumbria (NY1031)
Ladyward, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1182)
Blennerhasset, Cumbria (NY1941)
Caermote, Cumbria (NY2036)
Mediobogdum/Hardknott, Cumbria (NY2101)
Blatobulgium/Birrens, Dumfries & Galloway (NY2175)
Kirkbride, Cumbria (NY2257)
Maia/Bowness-on-Solway, Cumbria (NY2262)
Maglona/Old Carlisle, Cumbria (NY2546)
Concavata/Drumburgh, Cumbria (NY2659)
Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria (NY3158)
Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria (NY3258)
Aballava/Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria (NY3259)
Galava/Ambleside, Cumbria (NY3703)
Broomholm, Dumfries & Galloway (NY3781)
Troutbeck, Cumbria (NY3827)
Luguvalium/Carlisle, Cumbria (NY3955)
Castra Exploratorum/Netherby, Cumbria (NY3971)
Uxelodunum/Stanwix, Cumbria (NY4057)
Wreay, Cumbria (NY4449)
Voreda/Old Penrith, Cumbria (NY4938)
Old Church Brampton, Cumbria (NY5161)
Banna/Castlesteads, Cumbria (NY5163)
Brocavum/Braugham, Cumbria (NY5328)
Fanum Cocidi/Bewcastle, Cumbria (NY5674)
Nether Denton, Cumbria (NY5964)
Low Borrowbridge, Cumbria (NY6001)
Camboglanna/Birdoswald, Cumbria (NY6166)
Bravoniacum/Kirkby Thore, Cumbria (NY6326)
Magnis/Carvoran, Northumberland (NY6665)
Epiacum/Whitley Castle, Northumberland (NY6948)
Aesica/Great Chesters, Northumberland (NY7066)
Vindolanda/Chesterholm, Northumberland (NY7766)
Vercovicium/Housesteads, Northumberland (NY7868)
Verteris/Brough, Cumbria (NY7914)
Bremenium/High Rochester, Northumberland (NY8398)
Brocolitia/Carrawburgh, Northumberland (NY8571)
Blakehope, Northumberland (NY8594)
Habitancum/Risingham, Northumberland (NY8986)
Cilurnum/Chesters, Northumberland (NY9170)
Corstopitum/Corbridge, Northumberland (NY9864)
Lavatris/Bowes, Northumberland (NY9913)
Onnum/Halton Chesters, Northumberland (NY9968)
Greta Bridge, North Yorkshire (NZ0813)
Vindomora/Ebchester, Durham  (NZ1055)
Vindobala/Rudchester, Northumberland (NZ1167)
Longovicium/Lanchester, Durham (NZ1546)
Vinovia/Binchester, Durham (NZ2031)
Piercebridge, Durham (NZ2115)
Whickham, Tyne & Wear (NZ2160)
Condercum/Benwell, Tyne & Wear (NZ2164)
Pons Aelii/Newcastle, Tyne & Wear (NZ2563)
Concangis/Chester-le-Street, Durham (NZ2751)
Segedunum/Wallsend, Tyne & Wear (NZ3066)
Arbeia/South Shields, Tyne & Wear (NZ3667)
Lease Rigg, North Yorkshire (NZ8104)
Brandon Camp, Her&Worc
Brompton, Salop
Broxtowe, Notts.
Bryn y Gefeiliau, Gwynedd
Buckton, Her&Worc
Burghwallis, S. Yorks.
Bury Barton, Devon
Caegaer, Powys
Caerau, Powys
Caergai, Gwynedd
Caerphilly, Devon
Caersws, Powys
Cardiff, S. Glam.
Castell Collen, Powys
Cawthorn, N. Yorks.
Chesterfield, Derby.
Chesterton, Staffs.
Clifford, Her&Worc
Coelbren, W. Glam.
Colwyn Castle, Powys
Cullompton, Devon
Dolau Gaer, Powys
Dorchester on Thames, Oxon.
Eaton House, Staffs.
Ffridd, Clwyd
Gelligaer, W. Glam.
Great Casterton, Leic.
Great Chesterford, Essex
Greensforge, Staffs.
Ham Hill, Somerset
Hayton, Humbs.
Hembury, Devon
Hindwell Farm, Powys
Ixworth, Suffolk
Kirkham, Lancs.
Lancaster, Lancs.
Llanfor, Gwynedd
Llansantffraid, Powys
Llwyn y Brain, Powys
Marton, Lincs.
Metchley, W. Mids.
Nanstallon, Cornwall
Newton Kyme, N. Yorks.
North Tawton, Devon
Okehampton, Devon
Pen y Darren, Mid Glam.
Pen y Gaer, Powys
Penllwyn, Dyfed
Penllystyn, Gwynedd
Pennal, Gwynedd
Prestatyn, Clwyd
Rhyn Park, Salop
Rocester, Staffs.
Ruthin, Clwyd
Shapwick, Dorset
Stanway, Essex
Stretford Bridge, Salop
Stretton Mill, Staffs.
Stretton Grandison, Her&Worc
Templeborough, S. Yorks.
The Lunt, Warw.
Tiverton, Devon
Tomen y Mur, Gwynedd
Trawsgoed, Dyfed
Trent Vale, Staffs.
Waddon Hill, Dorset
Wall Town, Salop
Walton Castle, Suffolk
Wensley, N. Yorks.
Wigston Parva, High Cross, Leicestershire
Wiveliscombe, Somerset
Llandovery, Dyfed
Watercrook, Cumbria
Pevensey, E. Sussex
Melandra Castle, Derby.
Brancaster, Norfolk
Leintwardine, Her&Worc
Ribchester, Lancs
Llanio, Dyfed
Usk, Gwent
Burrow in Lonsdale, Lancs.
Slack, W. Yorks.
Caerhun, Gwynedd
Catterick, N. Yorks.
Ancaster, Lincs.
Y Gaer, Powys
Baylham House, Suffolk
Northwich, Cheshire
Cirencester, Glos.
Doncaster, S. Yorks.
Malton, N. Yorks.
Littlechester, Derby.
Hod Hill, Dorset
Water Newton, Cambs.
Godmanchester, Cambs.
Burgh Castle, Norfolk
Ravenglass, Cumbria
Abergavenny, Gwent
Catleford, W. Yorks.
Wall, Staffs.
Loughor, W. Glam.
Forden Gaer, Powys
Ilchester, Somerset
London, G. London
Pumsaint, Dyfed
Manchester, Gtr. Man.
Whitchurch, Salop
Carmarthen, Dyfed
Brough, Derby.
Neath, W. Glam
Elslack, N. Yorks.
Bradwell on Sea, Essex
Brough on Humber, Humbs.
Portchester, Hants.
Dover, Kent
Lympne, Kent
Reculver, Kent
Castleshaw, Gtr. Man.
Richborough, Kent
Droitwich, Her&Worc
Caernarfon, Gwynedd
Redhill, Salop
Ilkley, W. Yorks.
St. Albans, Herts.
Brough by Bainbridge, N. Yorks.
Wroxeter, Salop
Glenbank, tayside (NN8105)
Kaims Castle, Tayside (NN8612)
Cargill, Tayside (NO1637)
Thornyhill, Tayside (NO0220)?
Inverquharity, Tayside (NO4058)
Outerwards, Strathclyde (NS2366)
Lurg Moor, Strathclyde (NS2973)
Duntocher, Strathclyde (NS4972)
Cleddans, Strathclyde (NS5072)
Summerston, Strathclyde (NS5772)
Wilderness Plantation, Strathclyde (NS5972)
Glasgow Bridge, Strathclyde (NS6373)
Mollins, Strathclyde (NS7171)
Croy Hill, Strathclyde (NS7376)
Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway (NS7710)
Seabegs, Central (NS8179)
Watling Lodge, Central (NS8679)
Durisdeer, Dumfries & Galloway (NS9004)
Wandel, Strathclyde (NS9426)
Lamington, Strathclyde (NS9730)
Bankhead, Strathclyde (NS9744)
Kinneil, Central (NS9780)
Redshaw Burn, Strathclyde (NT0213)
Livingston, Lothian (NT0366)
Castle Greg, Lothian (NT0559)
Beattock, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0802)
Tassiesholm, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0901)
Tocherknowe, Borders (NT1452)
Lyne Borders (NT1840)
Oxton, Borders (NT4954)
Chew Green, Northumberland (NT7808)
Brownhart Law, Borders (NT7909)
Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway (NX5957)
Kirkland, Dumfries & Galloway (NX8090)
Barburgh Mill, Dumfries & Galloway (NX9088)
Lantonside, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0166)
Murder Loch, Dumfries & Galloway (NY0385)
Maryport, Cumbria (NY0437)
Brown Rigg, Cumbria (NY0538)
Heather Bank, Cumbria (NY0741)
Dubmill, Cumbria (NY0745)
Mawbray, Cumbria (NY0847)
Bitterlees, Cumbria (NY1052)
East Cote, Cumbria (NY1155)
Skinburness, Cumbria (NY1256)
Cardurnock, Cumbria (NY1758)
Cardurnock, Cumbria (NY1759)
Pasture House, Cumbria (NY1860)
Burnswark, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1878)
Biglands, Cumbria (NY2061)
Raeburnfoot, Dumfries & Galloway (NY2599)
Boothby, Cumbria (NY5463)
Throp, Northumberland (NY6365)
Haltwhistle Burn, Northumberland (NY7166)
Newbrough, Northumberland (NY8667)
Maiden Castle, Cumbria (NY8713)
Longshaws, Northumberland (NZ1388) 2 fortlets
Abererbwll, Dyfed
Bawtry, S. Yorks.
Blaenos, Dyfed
Brithdir, Gwynedd
Bulmore, Gwent
Caergybi, Gwynedd
Charterhouse, Avon
Erglodd, Dyfed
Hen Waliau, Gwynedd
Hirfynydd, W. Glam.
Hirfynydd, W. Glam.
Ide, Devon
Llanfair Caereinion, Powys
Martinhoe, Devon
Old Burrow, Devon
Pen y Crocbren, Powys
Penmincae, Powys
Stoke Hill, Devon
Tavernspite, Dyfed
Tedstone Wafer, Her&Worc
Y Pigwn, Dyfed
East Stoke, Notts.
Woden Law, Borders (NT7612)
Burnswark, Dumfries & Galloway (NY1878) 2 works
Caerau, Powys
Dolddinas, Gwynedd
Gelligaer, Mid Glamorgan
Gelligaer, Mid Glamorgan
Llandrindod Common, Powys
Llandrindod Common, Powys
Pen y Waun, West Glamorgan
Rhyd Sarn, Gwynedd
Stafford Common, West Glamorgan
Tomen y Mur, Gwynedd
Y Gaer, Powys
Y Pigwn, Dyfed
Pant-teg Uchaf, Dyfed
Eildon Hill, Borders (NT5532)
Rubers Law, Borders (NT5815)
Wreay Hall, Cumbria (NY4448)
Barrock Fell, Cumbria (NY4646)
Robin Hood's Butts, Cumbria (NY5771)
Barron's Pike, Cumbria (NY5975)
Mains Rigg, Cumbria (NY6165)
Barcombe, Northumberland (NY7866)
Roper Castle, Cumbria (NY8811)
Bowes Moor, Durham (NY9212)
Huntcliffe, Cleveland (NZ6821)
Goldsborough, North Yorkshire (NZ8315)
Ravenscar, North Yorkshire (NZ9801)
Greenloaning, Tayside (NN8307)
Blackhill, Tayside (NN8410)
Shiehill, Tayside (NN8511)
Shiehill, Tayside (NN8512)
Westerton, Tayside (NN8714)
Sma' Glen, Tayside (NN9028)
ParkNeuk, Tayside (NN9118)
Raith, Tayside (NN9318)
Ardunie, Tayside (NN9418)
Roundlaw, Tayside (NN9518)
Kirkhill, Tayside (NN9618)
Muir o'Fauld, Tayside (NN9818)
Gask House, Tayside (NN9919)
Witch Knowe, Tayside (NN9919)
Moss Side, Tayside (NO0019)
Thorny Hill, Tayside (NO0220)
Westmuir, Tayside (NO0220)
Black Hill, Tayside (NO1739)
Beattock Summit, Strathclyde (NS9915)
White Type, Dumfries & Galloway (NT0511)
Dover, Kent
Dover, Kent
Filey, N. Yorks.
Scarborough, N. Yorks.
Caer y Twr, Gwynedd
Careg y Bwci, Dyfed
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