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Hadrian's Wall - Map

Vallum Hadriani - Tabula Geographia

A map of the fortifications along the course of Hadrian's Wall, including the northern outpost forts and the Stanegate.

Hadrian's Wall - History

Vallum Hadriani - Historia

A short history of the Wall, descriptions of its component parts and construction methods used.

Hadrian's Wall - Guide

Vallum Hadriani - Itinerarium

A guide to the visible remains of the Forts, Milecastles, Turrets and Settlements along the length of the Wall.

Hadrian's Wall - Cosmography Entries

Vallum Hadriani - Cosmographia Ravennae

Extract from a seventh-century road map of the Roman empire, which includes the Wall, its outposts and the Western Sea Defences.

Hadrian's Wall - Notitia Entries

Vallum Hadriani - Notitia Dignitatum

The section on the Wall extracted from a fifth-century list of Roman military commanders, their units and posts.

Hadrian's Wall - The Rudge Cup
and other souvenirs

Vallum Hadriani - Patera Crugi

A second-century Roman souvenir from the Wall, naming several of its easternmost forts, found close to a Roman road near Trowbridge in Wiltshire.

Hadrian's Wall - Epigraphy

Vallum Hadriani - Epigraphia

A selection of the most interesting inscriptions found along the length of the rampart wall, not including stones recorded in the Wall forts.

Hadrian's Wall - Links

Vallum Hadriani - Lynx

A host of external links to WebPages about the Wall and its environs.

Hadrian's Wall - Intro

Vallum Hadriani - Introduccione

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